Badoo Review

The Best Dating Sites Free for All: Meet Badoo!

Our mission is to find reliable dating platforms that CAN be used for free. Several such sites don’t charge you for anything, making money on ads and stuff like that. But mostly, we seek the best free dating apps and sites that offer more or less equal rights to paying and non-paying members. Thus, if you don’t want to pay, you can still get a pleasant dating experience. Now, we are going to review one of the most popular websites all over the globe — Badoo. Does this site meet all your requirements? Let’s dig in and see!

General Overview: What Is It All About?

Before we assess each aspect, we would like to give you the first glimpse into our Badoo review. Today, we are looking into a relatively new service, if eight years of operation can be referred to as ‘new’ in the era of IT. As a site, it started in 2012, but the team had worked in this direction since 2006. The number of users it claims to have is mind-blowing – 418 million in the world! This site primarily caters to those seeking online interaction, friendship, and mingling. That is why the members of this enormous community don’t have to learn how to delete Badoo account because they don’t want to do it. They stay here for years and have fun together. Women here outnumber men a little. The proportion is 60/40. This is quite beneficial for both genders, no matter the gender of the partner they are searching for. The age range is wide — from 18 (which you must be to sign up) up to those in their 50s. However, the site is more oriented at the younger generation, providing its users with the most contemporary features trending in online dating. The users are highly active. And why wouldn’t they be? Everything on the site is designed to boost everyday communication, and everyone can get themselves busy, regardless of their mood and the amount of time they have today. In this light, a convenient app is priceless. Badoo app will be intuitively familiar to everyone who has ever tried Tinder. The app is the major focus of the company’s activity, yet, using the site itself is in no way less exciting. To become a part of this vibrant community, you should go through Badoo log in procedure. Let us explain how to do it.

Becoming a Member

How to Sign Up to Badoo

Why do we talk about this at all? No matter how hard you want to become a member of a particular site, a super complicated process will make you think twice before you do it. Does one have to share a lot of personal details? What about privacy security? Will it take a lot of time? These questions are natural. When the site’s services are free of charge, one starts overthinking — What if they want my private information to use it somehow?

One of the most important questions must be answered right away. Should I submit a credit card number when I log in? No! Those who haven’t been to dating platforms will find it strange. If it is free, why would they ask for your credit card number at all? Surprisingly, a lot of them do. As stated, ‘to verify your identity.’ This is a total fraud. Verifying one’s identity can require some effort and additional time, but never your payment details. Fortunately, this site doesn’t do that.

Badoo sign in process is extremely easy. It is verification that can cause some difficulties. But first things first: let’s do it all step by step, and you’ll see that there is nothing too hard in it.

The site supports the whole bunch of languages, so Badoo entrar, or Einloggen, or whatever won’t be hard for you, no matter where you are from. Besides, some languages can be chosen in compliance with your location. So, if you want to use Badoo en Español, for example, choose from España, Colombia, México​, and Argentina for more convenience.

To start with, enter your first name, birthday, city, gender, email, or mobile number. Then, choose a password to use here. The platform tries to make this stage straightforward because no complicated password is needed.

How to Verify Your Profile

On the right from your registration form, you’ll see seven (!) social media to verify a profile: from FB and Google to Odnoklassniki that are probably only used in Russia. Anyway, such a choice tells a lot about the company that cares about each user in every part of the world. Alternatively, you can verify your account with your phone number.

Whatever you choose, email verification is obligatory to everyone. This is done in seconds by following the link sent to you. The next step is the most effort-consuming — photo confirmation. The site provides you with examples of pictures that can undergo verifying. You need to make one of yourself and send it to the team. After it is approved, you get a blue verification badge and become a full member.

Unverified members can still use the service, but they are quite limited in what they do. So, if you are wondering, ‘What is Badoo?’, you may not bother yourself with confirming your account right from the start. Just look around and decide whether you want to stay or not.

What You Get for Free

Wanna start dating free online? There is nothing easier than that with this platform. Non-paying users get unmatched possibilities to seek interesting people and communicate. They can view all the profiles and photos and use search filters to find someone who suits them. They get access to flirts and messages. Moreover, the site allows its users to message someone they like twice to attract some attention. As opposed to that, other platforms only give you the only ‘first message.’ Plus, look at it from another angle, if you don’t want to answer, you won’t need to worry how to delete Badoo users from your contact list. After two tries, they won’t bother you anymore.

Non-paying members can also use advanced features that would be paid on any other platform: Encounters and Lookalikes. Video streams are also free to launch and comment on for everyone who has completed a Badoo login.

If you want some perks, you may buy credits or a subscription. This will let you send gifts, use stickers, see who faved and liked you, hide your account while browsing, etc. But let’s agree that this is not a must on a dating platform, and you can easily go on without it. That is why we consider this site basically FREE and are happy to recommend it.


Everyone wants to use dating sites free of charge whatsoever. And a lot of indecent providers see it as a way of taking advantage of users worldwide. One in a hundred ‘free’ services will actually cost you nothing. Some of them, however, only allow you to register and browse through their profiles, forcing you to pay for everything else. Other ‘free’ sites are even worse. They are downright scams, and you will regret that you turned to them. They might use your private information for their benefit or get you involved in some other scheme. Anyway, this is not a dating platform you have been searching for.

Communication tools and security measures should never be ignored by the company that positions its services as free. The platforms like Badoo are worth your attention and can be utilized without paying a penny.